Fox News’ Bret Baier boldly confronts Nicaraguan President on alleged murders

Fox News’ Bret Baier just held what could arguably called the most explosive interview of the year.

Baier grilled Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega over the reported murders of Nicaraguan citizens at the hands of paramilitary groups.


Nicaragua is in a state of chaos right now.

Protests have erupted all over the country to fight back against the Ortega regime, which many are calling an authoritarian “dynasty.”

Reports estimate more than 200 people have already been killed, with some reports saying that number may be as much as doubled.

Baier Demands Answers

Baier dropped the hammer on Ortega right from the outset.

The Fox News anchor put Ortega on the spot to explain why paramilitary forces are being used against protesting citizens.

Ortega tried to distance himself from these attacks.

The Nicaraguan president stated he was not in control of the paramilitary forces.

These forces, according to Ortega, are controlled by outside groups, NOT the government.

But Baier refuted his claim, stating the paramilitary forces were ONLY attacking protesters standing up against Ortega’s policies.

Brett Baier also pointed to attacks against the Catholic Church by these forces.

When Baier asked Ortega to condemn the attacks against the Church, Ortega instead said, “No Nicaraguan has died at any Catholic Church.”

He then equated the attacks against his people as terrorism and said the attacks are meant to “scare people, to instill fear.”

He continued to insist outside groups are organizing and financing the paramilitary groups.

Ortega then urged the United States to reconsider a House measure condemning the violence in Nicaragua, telling them to “think carefully” about passing the resolution.

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Baier finally asked Ortega if he would step down from office to end the violence, to which Ortega stated he was an elected official and he will remain in office until the next election is held.

It would appear Ortega has mastered the art of spinning and refuses to admit he is responsible for anything happening in Nicaragua right now.

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