John Brennan panics after Trump orders full transparency

Former CIA Director John Brennan has taken to the airwaves to try to cover himself for his part in the Russia probe against Donald Trump, in order to protect himself from a potential indictment.

Taking a defensive posture, Brennan has called Trump’s move to declassify intelligence reports an “outrageous move.”

Going Too Far

President Trump has stated that he wants all materials released so the public can make its own judgment about the launching of the initial investigation against Trump associates.

John Brennan believes lives will be put at risk, as will intelligence methods if that actually happens. He is assuming Barr will not look over the information or bring in other assets from the Justice Department to help him review the content.

“More fundamentally, the concern is that very, very precious and sensitive sources and methods of the United States intelligence community as well as our papers and allies abroad,” Brennan said.

He went on: “Those who share this sensitive information with us, is Mr. Barr, who doesn’t have the understanding, is he going to release information that he deems appropriate for Mr. Trump’s defense?”

Bogus Narrative

Brennan’s argument might be remotely believable if we did not know William Barr’s background. Unfortunately, at least for Brennan, we do.

Barr worked for the CIA from 1973-77. He worked in the Office of Legal Counsel, Deputy Attorney General, and the Attorney General during the George H.W. Bush administration.

During those years, he surely came to understand the importance of protecting intelligence sources. Make no mistake about it, Brennan is not worried about protecting sources but rather himself.

Up until recently, everyone was led to believe James Comey acted alone in utilizing the Steele dossier in launching the investigation. However, Comey has a memo that puts the onus of requestion “crown materials” on Brennan.

If Brennan was willing to bend one rule, it makes sense that he now fears the American public finding out what else he did wrong.

The more he cries out publicly, the guiltier he seems.

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