John Brennan and James Clapper on Spygate prosecutor’s list: report

We have all long wondered if and when we would get to see some of the Obama staffers involved in the Deep State coup against Trump brought to justice, and that day may be closer than ever before.

Reports have surfaced that U.S. Attorney John Durham is “very interested” in calling on former intelligence officials James Clapper and John Brennan to testify.

Now a Criminal Matter

The investigation led by Durham was recently reclassified as a criminal investigation.

According to reports, the inspector general is about to publish his report on FISA abuse during the Russian collusion investigation.

Sources have stated that once that report is made public, it will be made very clear why the “origins” investigation being handled by Durham is now a criminal matter.

That news does not bode well for Democrats, specifically high-ranking members of the Obama administration, the intelligence community and the former president himself.

Fox News reported, “According to a source familiar with the situation, Brennan has received word from his attorney that he may be contacted by Durham’s office, but Clapper has received no such communication at this time.”

Big trouble

There was already considerable speculation that both Brennan and Clapper were somehow involved. Both have regularly appeared in the media to blast the investigation, knowing full well they were probably going to end up in front of Durham at some point.

Both men are obviously anti-Trump and considering their hubris, it is very plausible that they — at the very least — may have bent the rules to make it easier for the collusion investigation to take place.

The one name that has not come up, at least not yet, is that of former FBI director James Comey. More than any other Obama official, Trump supporters want to see Comey brought to justice.

Barr has been adamant during his time in office that the FBI lacked real leadership under Comey, so that announcement may be coming very soon. He has also stated that regardless of where this investigation goes, he is confident Durham will get to the bottom of it.

We should also note that at this time, neither Clapper nor Brennan has been subpoenaed by Durham, nor have they been contacted by his office … yet.

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