Breitbart’s Nolte suggests Obama intentionally defied Biden’s rules with birthday bash

Former President Barack Obama’s star-studded, swanky 60th birthday bash is over, but it’s still causing quite the controversy among political pundits, especially given that most of the elitists in attendance, including Obama, went maskless.

Especially critical of the situation is Breitbart’s John Nolte, who penned a scathing op-ed this week in which he wrote that Obama’s maskless party was the “biggest f*** you to Joe Biden in the history of f*** yous,” suggesting he intentionally defied the Biden administration’s new rules.

“Honestly, if you think about it, the Obamas sent a great message to America… If you’re vaccinated, this pandemic is over. Don’t listen to the fear merchants. Don’t listen to Joe Biden. Go and live your life,” Nolte wrote.

Nolte goes off

Holding nothing back, Nolte slammed Obama and his impressive list of elitist guests, suggesting that Obama held the maskless bash as an act of defiance against President Joe Biden and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) latest guidance directing vaccinated Americans to mask up indoors.

“What other explanation could there possibly be for Obama holding a maskless, high-profile, elitist soiree just as Slow Joe and his allies in the fake media are on an anti-science, anti-math rampage to terrify us with the China Flu?” Nolte wrote.

Nolte went on to make a case that Obama, whose alliance with Biden is often questionable, forced the White House to go on the defense in the midst of a surge of COVID-19 cases, mostly thanks to the delta variant being highly contagious.

“Obama’s maskless soiree not only put the White House on defense, but it also proved Obama doesn’t take this ‘delta variant’ hysteria seriously. But what it really proved is that he doesn’t take Joe Biden seriously. And on both counts, Obama is exactly right,” Nolte wrote.

Nolte added: “This might actually be the first time Barry has done something positive for a country he hates and for the people of this country, who he hates even more.”

More controversy

As the Washington Examiner reported, plenty of video and photographic evidence exists that clearly reveals virtually nobody at Obama’s birthday bash, at his Martha’s Vineyard estate, cared to abide by the CDC’s latest mask guidance.

Video posted to social media — and then later taken down — by famous singer-songwriter Erykah Badu clearly shows Obama cutting loose, maskless, on the dance floor, while embracing other maskless guests.

While we’ll never know if Obama held the massive, maskless birthday party in direct defiance of the Biden administration as Nolte suggested he did, one observation is crystal clear: Democrats are getting really good at the “Rules for thee, but not for me” thing.

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