Fox News’ Shannon Bream defends her private, Christian education

Second Lady Karen Pence recently took a job at a Christian school, a controversy that was soon followed by another blow for Christian education when a Catholic schoolboy was accused of being rude to a Native American veteran. All of that has sent liberals into a tizzy — but Fox News @ Night host Shannon Bream isn’t having it.

After seeing thousands of tweets about the newly created hashtag movement, #ExposeChristianSchools, Bream defended her private, Christian education, tweeting on Saturday:

Defending Christian Schools

Bream more or less committed social media suicide by chiming in on this issue, but she did it anyway.

As she pointed out, she received an excellent education at a Christian school, as have millions of other Americans.

A quick look down the social media feed and you could not ask for a more diverse group of people defending the principles of these schools. One woman even said her children’s Christian educations were well worth every penny.

Looking for Things

This controversy all got started when word got out that Karen Pence had taken a job at a local Christian school.

The school’s policies are fairly standard for a Christian establishment, but liberals were of course offended by them.

Then the confrontation happened between a Christian teenager and a Native American veteran.

When that story went viral, the new hashtag was born, and liberals went into overdrive.

More than Meets the Eye

But this weekend’s news is not as controversial as the liberal media has made it seem.

CNN put out a 10-second clip showing the end of the interaction between the Catholic school student and the Native American veteran — but the network failed to report on the events that led up to that 10 seconds.

The network also failed to properly inform viewers that the Native American man, while a veteran, is a very controversial figure in his own right.

He happens to be a far-left activist who seeks out confrontations, much like he did in that video.

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When will liberals’ attack against conservative values end?

It’s like liberals had this fury buried deep inside waiting for a reason to unleash it — and unleash it they did.

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