Alabama woman with brain tumor receives personal letter from President Donald Trump, first lady

The nation just got a little taste of something the Trumps have been doing under the radar for years.

When the president and first lady heard of the challenges facing a cancer patient in Alabama, they took the time to write her a personal letter with words of encouragement for her recovery.

Small Actions

What took President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump just a couple of minutes to do will likely have a lasting impact on a young lady.

Donald Trump regularly did small things like this as a private citizen, but his actions never made national headlines.

But despite lack of media coverage, Trump regularly scanned the newspapers for personal interest stories. On many occasions, it would result in Trump investigating the story himself and even writing a check or sending something to the family to show his support.

Now, as president, it seems Trump has kept that practice alive. When he heard the story of Rachel Robbins, the president made sure she knew he was behind her recovery efforts.

Make A Wave

Robbins, who is 27, is someone the media would like to believe does not exist: a young, female conservative who supports Trump.

Unfortunately, Robbins, a nursing student at the University of Southern Alabama, was recently diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor.

After her surgery, she was “amazed” to find out that President Trump had sent her a personal note to encourage her recovery along.

“I was just amazed, honestly, I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I felt very honored that the president of the United States of America heard my story and was praying for me from the White House.”

She was even more impressed that Trump mentioned God in his letter, calling on the Lord “for healing and my recovery.”

This is the real Donald Trump that sadly, few in this country will ever get to hear about.

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