DA Bragg's office reportedly receives another letter with a death threat and suspicious white powder

April 12, 2023
Ben Marquis

It was just a couple of weeks ago, around the time that a grand jury empaneled by Democratic Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg voted to criminally indict former President Donald Trump, that Bragg's office received an envelope with suspicious white powder and a death threat.

DA Bragg has now reportedly received yet another envelope with a threatening letter and an unknown white powdery substance, according to the Washington Examiner.

Another threatening letter with white powder

ABC News reported Wednesday that, according to unnamed police sources, DA Bragg's Manhattan office discovered the letter containing white powder around 3 pm in its basement mailroom and reported it to law enforcement.

Testing performed by the NYPD and other local government agencies soon revealed, however, that the powder was a harmless substance and there were no reports of anybody becoming sick or sustaining any injuries.

A spokesperson for the district attorney said, "We thank our partners at the NYPD Emergency Service Unit and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection for their quick response."

Death threat and white powder received two weeks ago

This is at least the second occasion in which a threatening letter with a suspicious but harmless white powder was sent through the mail to DA Bragg's office in Manhattan, with the first incident occurring on March 24, according to a CNBC report at that time.

That letter, which was reportedly postmarked from Orlando, Florida, had contained a typed note that read: "ALVIN: I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

A spokeswoman for the DA said at that time of the threatening note and non-hazardous powdery substance, "The D.A. has informed the office that it was immediately contained and that the NYPD Emergency Service Unit and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection determined there was no dangerous substance."

The timing of that incident looked pretty bad for former President Trump, as just hours earlier he had posted a fiery statement that attacked the partisan district attorney and warned of the "potential death & destruction" that might ensue if he were to be criminally indicted and arrested.

CNBC further noted at that time that Bragg had reportedly received hundreds of threatening messages in recent weeks amid reports of the increasing likelihood that the Manhattan grand jury would soon issue an indictment against Trump.

Lawsuit claims Bragg's office has received more than 1,000 threats

Relatedly, USA Today reported on Tuesday that DA Bragg had filed a lawsuit against certain House Republicans that accused them of launching "an unprecedentedly brazen and unconstitutional attack" against him and his office in response to oversight demands from the GOP lawmakers.

The lawsuit reportedly made mention of the claim that Bragg's office had received more than 1,000 messages of harassment and threats, including threats of assassination, from Trump supporters in regard to the criminal indictment of the former president -- which were blamed on Trump's rhetoric and the enablement of him by the Republican legislators.

The purported goal of the lawsuit is to block a House Republican subpoena for testimony from a former top prosecutor in Bragg's office, Mark Pomerantz, who had resigned in protest last year over the DA's then-hesitancy to move forward with a case against Trump.

In reply to that lawsuit and the allegations therein, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH), who is at the forefront of the effort to impose oversight on DA Bragg's anti-Trump prosecution, said in a tweet, "First, they indict a president for no crime. Then, they sue to block congressional oversight when we ask questions about the federal funds they say they used to do it.

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