‘Boycott Kimmel’ petition grows to over 200,000 signatures

Conservatives are finally answering the call and hitting liberals with a shot of their own medicine.

First Lady supporters started a petition to boycott Kimmel called “Boycott the Jimmy Kimmel Show for Mocking and Attacking Our First Lady Melania Trump” and it has already received more than four times the desired signatures when it was started.

The Problem

Jimmy Kimmel has suddenly become of the loudest voices for the Democrat party and liberals in general.

He has used his platform as a late-night host to lecture Americans virtually every night on what he thinks should be happening in Washington as well as how we should be conducting ourselves.

While he pretended to be a champion of women, both his current and previous behavior tells a completely different story.

Prior to becoming liberals’ late-night sweetheart, Kimmel was co-host of The Man Show.

The women on the show were called “Juggies” and Kimmel regularly had skits that were borderline pornographic and extremely demeaning towards women.

This disdain for women continues to this day.

He recently sent out tweets that were both outrageous and insulting to the First Lady.

Worse, though, is even as he offered an apology to the gay community after he was called out for a comment made to Sean Hannity, he still downplayed the comments he made about the First Lady.

The Petition

Since Kimmel’s apology was rather weak, if you even want to call what he said an apology, conservatives finally drew the line in the sand and are trying to hit Kimmel where it will really hurt… in his ratings.

Conservatives absolutely love our First Lady.

Melania Trump has shown nothing but class throughout the primaries and now into the presidency.

While the liberal media continues to try to drag her down and lure her into disgusting gossip, she keeps her head held high and carries out her duties as our First Lady.

Not surprisingly, the petition surpassed its target of 50,000 petitions rather quickly.

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Within 24 hours, more than 200,000 people had put their John Hancock on the document.

That is a lot of viewers and a lot of advertising money that will surely be missed.

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