‘Bow the head and bend the knee’: Pence calls on Americans to pray ahead of Election Day

Vice President Mike Pence spoke at a rally on Monday night and urged supporters to pray in the final hours before Election Day.

Pence referenced his family’s faith in urging¬†Americans to seek God’s will ahead at this late stage of a pivotal presidential race.

“In the next day”

“If you’re inclined like the Pences are to bow the head and bend the knee at your house from time to time, I’d encourage you to do that in the next day,” he said.

Along with President Donald Trump, the vice president has spent the past several years working toward a vision for America that Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his party seek to reverse at all costs.

As one glaring example, Biden has shown varying degrees of support for an energy policy that severely cracks down on the hydraulic fracturing industry.

Furthermore, he has signaled a desire to erase many of the tax breaks the Trump administration has provided for American taxpayers across the board.

Beyond the former vice president’s agenda, many voters have expressed concerns regarding the 78-year-old candidate’s cognitive function, citing a series of campaign gaffes and missteps as supposed evidence of age-related decline.

“Pray with confidence”

Given all that is at stake in this election, Pence has good reason to solicit prayers on behalf of the country and its citizens.

Pence, who describes his denomination as “born-again, evangelical Catholic,” has previously emphasized the importance of his faith by calling himself “a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order.”

It is clear that many Americans are pleased with the performance of the Trump administration and Pence’s role within it as polls in critical swing states have begun to tighten in the final days of the campaign.

While Trump can point to a series of accomplishments and an America-first agenda throughout his first term, the Biden campaign struggles to make a coherent case beyond reversing everything the president has done. For that reason, Americans of all stripes must come together and pray for the future of this great nation.

As Pence concluded during his campaign speech this week: “When you pray, pray with confidence. In these challenging times when it seems there is more that divides us than any time in my lifetime, we’ve got to claim those ancient words that have seen Americans through much more challenging times than we could possibly imagine — the words of an ancient promise that say, ‘If His people, who are called by His name, will humble themselves and pray, and turn, that He’ll do like He’s always done, in the long and storied history of this great nation: He’ll hear from heaven, and heal this land.'”

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