Both Trump's and Biden's support falls in Iowa polling

September 13, 2023
Jen Krausz

Support for both former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden in their respective primaries has fallen in the most recent polling, but their chances of winning are still pretty good.

Trump's support has dropped from 62% in May to 49% now, according to an Emerson College poll of GOP voters.

Second-place candidate Ron DeSantis also dropped from 20% to 14% in the polling, but the votes that Trump and DeSantis had are being split between four or five other candidates all polling below 10%.

Biden's support in a separate poll shows him at 50%, down from 69% in May. However, no other candidates for the Democrat nomination have seen an increase in votes; instead, the "someone else" category has risen to 34%.

Repeat of 2020?

For Biden, it may be a repeat of 2020, when he wasn't able to get enough votes to get the nomination outright. This time, though, there's not even another candidate like Bernie Sanders to dilute his votes--a lot of people just don't want him.

Unfortunately, Trump also has a large number of detractors who will not vote for him no matter what happens with the nomination, so it should be an interesting election if it ends up being these two again.

Biden has been significantly weakened by allegations of corruption and bribes on top of his terrible failed policies in just about every area.

His favorability is down to 39%, and Trump's is in similar territory in spite of a surge in support around the four separate indictments against him.

Several polls also stated that a large majority of voters believe that Biden is too old to run for another term.

No COVID, no cheating?

One thing that shouldn't factor into the 2024 race is COVID-19, which is no longer considered a great threat. Democrats could try to manufacture another emergency to create similar conditions, however.

But theoretically, no COVID-era voting rules should mean no cheating, right?

Democrats were unable to ram through their "voting rights" act, so red states should be able to run their elections fairly at least. As for purple states (Pennslyvania, Arizona, and Georgia to name a few), it remains to be seen whether loosened rules will ensure that the left takes control (or retains it).

With the two seemingly most unfavorable candidates on the ballot, this should be an election for the ages.

Anything can happen, and might.

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