Report: Trump’s border plan has slowed flow of migrants by over 60%

Here’s a story you won’t be hearing from most of the mainstream outlets.

According to Politico, the flow of illegal immigrants across the U.S. southern border has slowed significantly since President Donald Trump worked out his deal with Mexico in June.

Border Crossings Slowing

It was not that long ago that we were reporting almost 4,000 people each day running across the border. Our detention centers were so overwhelmed, they were building tent cities outside to accommodate the illegal immigrants.

As the situation worsened, Trump demanded Mexico step up and help address the situation. Trump worked out a deal, which, among other things, called on Mexican authorities to stop these massive groups of immigrants before they ever got to the border.

While Democrats have continued to whine about the situation, border crossings have slowed enormously since then.

Just how much have the crossings decreased? They have gone from a high of 133,000 arrests in May, all the way down to 72,000 arrests in July.

That number also went down dramatically in August, with only 51,000 arrests at the border in August. That is roughly a 30% drop from July, and a more than 60% decrease since May.

Cutting Off the Flow

The success of the plan is due to the actions of the Mexican government.

In June alone, more than 30,000 arrests were made in Mexico of migrants trying to cross into the United States through Mexico.

If Mexico had not been pushed to act, it is a safe bet that virtually every one of these illegal immigrants would have made their way across the border. If that had happened, our border facilities would still be overwhelmed.

In addition to this deal with Mexico, the Trump administration has also been able to divert funds to the wall project, which is now well underway.

Even though the wall is not yet fully constructed, the presence there to build the wall will also help to cut down on illegal crossings, as the immigrants will not dare cross in an area where there are workers and security forces present. Another win for President Trump.

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