Trump says Border Patrol ‘not happy’ about accusations

Over the last couple of weeks, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her fellow progressive lawmakers have been on an all-out attack against Border Patrol and ICE officers.

When President Trump was asked about the accusations, he stated, “Border Patrol people are very, very tough. They are not happy about it.”

Lies Catching Up

What exactly AOC saw during her tour of the border facilities we may never know simply because she did not have her phone with her during her tour.

One thing is pretty certain, though, and that is that she grossly exaggerated the conditions she was tweeting about.

Not long after AOC made her accusations, a local representative of the Hispanic community stated he did not see anything close to what AOC saw during his tour of the facilities.

Additionally, a border patrol agent did a live stream to show America what these detention centers look like and once again, it was nothing at all like what AOC said she had seen.

Not Happy

President Trump has always stuck up for our law enforcement in the past, and he is not about to back down now. The recent attacks by congressional members against this particular branch of our federal law enforcement are not sitting well with Trump.

The President stated, “I will say this. I think that the border patrol has been treated very, very badly by certain members of Congress, very, very badly.

“For the most part they are respected by Congress but certain members of Congress say very bad things and lie and exaggerate.”

Some of the biggest lies being told about the border facilities are regarding the construction of the facilities themselves. Democrats continue to blame Donald Trump, but it was actually Barack Obama that had these “cages” built.

Somehow, Obama’s former Vice President Joe Biden has managed to dodge this bullet but if he manages to get out of the primary, you can bet the Trump campaign will have plenty of ammo to use against him on this.

In the meantime, President Trump continues to fight the lies and exaggerations being told by the likes of AOC, lies simply told so she can score some political points.

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