Released Border Patrol email appears to reveal Biden's 'mass-release quotas' for surging number of detained migrants

September 13, 2023
Ben Marquis

President Joe Biden, by way of Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas, has effectively imposed an open-border policy on the nation and allowed hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegal migrants to enter the country with little or no consequences.

A once-secret internal U.S. Border Patrol email has now been released to expose how "bookout" or migrant release target numbers were set by BP headquarters in August to address a flood of illegal entrants that overwhelmed detention capacity at the border, according to Fox News.

The email was obtained by the office of Republican Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody as part of an ongoing lawsuit against the Biden administration over its open-borders policies and the release of illegal migrants into the nation's interior that a federal judge has already ruled is unlawful.

Internal BP email urges release of detained migrants

The partially redacted Aug. 8 email from an unknown sender at Border Patrol headquarters to all field chiefs and deputies made reference to a recent leadership conference call to discuss how "the rate of daily encounters continues to surpass the daily permanent bookouts and the in-custody numbers continue to rise creating significant risks to agents and detainees."

To address that crisis, BP-HQ proposed "daily bookout targets" that are intended to "bring in-custody numbers to manageable levels." It was noted that the targets were set on the basis of projections of the 7-day average of encounters and bookouts for each sector of the southern border.

"We respectfully request that you urgently use these bookout targets to formalize your daily processing pathway plans," the email continued, including the use of Notices to Appear/Own Recognizance release forms for migrants that give them a court date, often set months or even years in the future, "when consequence pathways are not sufficient."

The email also recommended the various sector field chiefs and deputies release migrants through enrollment in the "Alternatives to Detention" program wherever doing so is "operationally feasible," rather than pursue "consequence pathways" like expedited removal through deportation.

Also included in the email were the proposed daily bookout target numbers, but those figures were completely blacked out and redacted from view.

Biden admin's "mass-release quotas for immigrants"

Florida AG Moody issued a press release on Tuesday to publicly share that Aug. 8 Border Patrol email and labeled it as more "evidence of the Biden administration’s intentional destruction of the nation’s border with Mexico."

"Biden and Mayorkas have become so brazen that they are now implementing mass-release quotas for immigrants surging into our country," Moody said in a statement. "As a federal judge already recognized, these releases are unlawful, yet the Biden administration is ordering Border Patrol to release even more immigrants into the interior."

"This latest email is further proof of the disastrous cycle created by Biden’s intentional destruction of our border with Mexico," she continued. "Biden cuts resources, opens the border, and then releases detainees while claiming there is not enough detention capacity to prevent the unprecedented flood of migrants entering the country because of his terrible policies."

"With every passing day, it is becoming more obvious that the border crisis is being intentionally orchestrated by the Biden administration," the Florida AG added. "We will continue to do everything in our power to push back and let the American people know of Biden's devious plan."

Admin pushes back, insists "record numbers" are being deported and removed

For what it is worth, Fox News reported that an unnamed Customs and Border Protection spokesperson pushed back against the claims of Florida AG Moody with regard to the Aug. 8 email and insisted that the message "merely directed sectors to process individuals faster into the range of immigration pathways available, in order to address increasing numbers of individuals in custody."

"These bookouts include processing record numbers of migrants into Expedited Removal and conducting record numbers of removal flights," they added, though it is decidedly unclear what, exactly, those purportedly "record numbers" of deportations and removals actually are.

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