Border Patrol discovers group of illegals sneaking across border in tractor-trailer

Our Border Patrol agents once again stopped the flow of undocumented immigrants, but it barely made a blip on the radar this week.

On Sunday, the agents stopped a tractor trailer with 12 undocumented immigrants trying to sneak over the border.

In addition to the 12 immigrants, two Americans were also arrested.

So Many Ways

The fact is people are getting a lot more creative in trying to sneak immigrants over the border illegally.

In this case, the smugglers had the immigrants in the back of the truck with their cargo.

Luckily, the K-9 officer sniffed them out.

When they were discovered, everyone was offered medical help if needed, but they all declined.

Afterwards, they were all taken into custody and processing was started.

Not Just the Wall

This case is a perfect example that we need more than just a wall.

The wall is needed, but so are more agents and better security devices.

Smuggling these immigrants over the border is a big money industry, one that needs to be stopped at all costs.

It is estimated Mexican immigrants pay roughly $4,000 each to have a “coyote” smuggle them over the border.

The fees go up considerably for people from Central America, with it being estimated they pay between $7,000 and $10,000.

As of 2010, it was estimated there were more than eight million undocumented immigrants in this country.

So, do the math and you can see this is a trillion-dollar industry.

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Had those immigrants paid the same price to enter the country legally, the United States would be debt free.

Instead, we continue to use taxpayer money to fund benefits programs for them… now that just doesn’t make sense.

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