Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz admits under sworn testimony that President Biden’s actions responsible for border crisis

Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, who was appointed by President Joe Biden, shocked the nation by admitting under oath that the crisis at the Southern border was caused by President Biden.

Ortiz confirmed what many Republicans have been saying for years in a deposition on July 28th for a lawsuit brought by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody. Moody’s lawsuit claims that the DHS and other federal agencies violated federal law by not returning illegal immigrants to their country of origin and instead releasing them into the United States.

Ortiz’s testimony will make it incredibly difficult for the White House to continue dodging the blame for the crisis at the southern border.

It’s all Biden’s fault

Dan Stein, President of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, explained that “roughly the equivalent of the entire population of Ireland has illegally entered the United States in the 18 months President Biden has been in office, with many being released into American communities.”

Nearly five million illegal immigrants have infiltrated the United States under President Biden’s leadership.

Ortiz’s testimony knocks down any claim that the Biden administration had some kind of plausible deniability. The blame for millions of undocumented individuals flooding into the country rests squarely on the President.

Up until now, the Biden administration has done everything in its power to deny any kind of wrongdoing or responsibility for the border situation.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has even gone so far as to contest the description of the crisis, instead referring to it as a “tremendous challenge.”

Now there is no more room for dodgy word games, and Democrats will have to answer for the President’s border crisis in the midterm elections.

Americans furious about the border

Americans have grown increasingly angry with the President and the Democrat Party over the state of the border.

Communities in southern states have been massively impacted and social safety systems are being stretched to the max by the influx of millions of undocumented immigrants.

While the border may not carry the same weight as the economy regarding what is on voters’ minds, it will certainly be a big factor. Democrats will have to choose between their loyalty to the President, or calling him out for his failures and perhaps getting some slack from angry voters.

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