Border Patrol agent shot near U.S.-Mexico border

Another tragedy has taken place along the U.S.-Mexico border.

On June 15, a border agent was shot on the border of Arizona and Mexico.


This particular area of Arizona is known for drug activity and human smuggling.

In fact, Judicial Watch recently released a report which interviewed residents about those activities in the area.

On this particular night, though, the incident involved a border agent checking for activity.

According to reports, sensors went off, and the agent went on patrol to inspect the area.

While on patrol, the agent was attacked by numerous assailants.

The agent, who is 21-years-old, was struck several times by gunfire at close range.

Something Has to be Done

Residents in this area constantly live under fear of violence.

One of the landowners, Jim Chilton, recently said that criminal activity has seen a significant increase in recent months.

Chilton has also testified before Congress about national security concerns due to the porous nature of the border in this specific area.

According to Chilton, the only deterrent here is a few strands of barbed wire.

The rancher stated that border jumpers are often 10 to 20 miles inside the border before agents are able to catch up with them.

He also noted that people in the area are now forced to sleep with weapons nearby for fear of one of these people breaking into their property.

Another rancher that was interviewed by Judicial Watch, John Ladd, said he has found more than a dozen dead bodies on his property.

Imagine being so terrified you cannot walk out your own door for fear of being attacked.

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That is the reality of these ranchers on the Arizona southern border.

They are victims of their own government — and Democrats could not care less about them.

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