Border Patrol agent hospitalized after attack

Once again, our border patrol agents find themselves under attack.

On Tuesday, two border patrol agents were allegedly assaulted by illegal immigrants, and one was taken to the hospital after being attacked, according to Border Patrol


As agents were arresting several men suspected of being involved in a human smuggling operation near the Arizona border, a 25-year-old Guatemalan national threw dirt in an agent’s face to distract him, Border Patrol said.

He then started swinging his belt, which happened to have a massive belt buckle on it, making it a very damaging weapon.

Eventually, the agents got the man under control, at which point he allegedly spit in an agent’s face.

In a separate incident, a previously-deported man assaulted an agent, according to Border Patrol. The agent and his canine had tracked the illegal border crosser into an isolated area before attempting an arrest.

While Border Patrol indicated that one agent was hospitalized, then released, they did not indicate which incident the agent had been involved in.

A week of violence

On Thursday night, two more agents were assaulted in separate incidents near Imperial Beach in California.

In both cases, the suspects, who were both attempting illegal entry, were eventually arrested.

Other violent incidents have been reported throughout the week all along the border, following the Central American caravan migrants’ attempt to rush the border in California on Sunday.

Immigration Challenges

For some reason, Democrats and the media have latched onto the radical leftist notion that our borders should be completely open.

However, the United States’ immigration laws were put in place for a reason.

If nothing else, the government is responsible for protecting the nation’s borders and ensuring the safety of its citizens.

When Bill Clinton was president, a major focus of his administration was getting control over the number of undocumented immigrants flooding into the country.

Barack Obama, at least early in his career, uttered many of the same words Bill Clinton did.

Then, Donald Trump made it a focal point of his campaign and everything changed.

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Now, Democrats appear to be encouraging a flood of illegal immigration, the result of which would be a modern-day depression due to the overload on our welfare system and jobs market.

All of this is being promoted by the Democrats for one simple reason… to regain political power.

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