Border Patrol agent shot while sitting in parked car – suspect detained

The violence against our border agents continues.

Early Sunday morning, several shots were fired at a border agent while the agent was sitting at the U.S.-Mexico border in California.

Close Call

The shots were fired shortly after 2 a.m.

While two shots hit the door of the car, the agent was luckily uninjured.

According to reports, the shots were fired from the Mexican side of the border.

Mexican authorities were alerted to the attack and responded.

They were able to apprehend two individuals.

When the two were captured, one of the men had a gun and was detained.

The second individual was released.

The incident remains under investigation.

The FBI has also been called into to investigate the incident.

Dangerous Job

Working the U.S.-Mexico border has always been dangerous, but it is more so today than in years past.

Democrats in office have been painting these agents as Nazi enforcers for almost two years now.

That type of talk eventually causes some pushback — and we are seeing the results of it more and more.

Agents are not only seeing violence from the Mexican side of the border, but now they are under attack here in the United States.

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This is all a product of the Democrats’ constant criticism of the agency and promotion of open borders.

There are repercussions for careless words, and this recent uptick in attacks is proof of that.

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