Fox’s Sean Hannity: Border crisis is a matter of ‘life and death’

The border situation is a dire one — and Fox News’ Sean Hannity made that quite clear during a recent op-ed on

“For us and most Americans, this is not a political game,” Hannity wrote. “We are seeing this is as about life and death.”

“This is about innocent, brave, law-abiding Americans and legal immigrants literally dying because our borders are not secure,” he added.

The Numbers

When Democrats ask “where is the emergency” at the border, they are obviously not seeing the same numbers most of us are seeing.

Over the past two years, undocumented immigrants have accounted for 235,000 violations of the law, including over 100,000 violent assaults, 4,000 homicides, and 30,000 sex crimes.

Additionally, according to Hannity, in 2018, 17,000 undocumented immigrants crossed the border that had criminal records.

What They Won’t Say

Democrats have also refused to admit that undocumented immigrants often have to turn to crime to live in this country.

Because they are coming in illegally, many of them cannot get regular employment.

When that happens, they turn to a life of crime.

Meanwhile, the sad reality of the situation is that many of the crimes mentioned above could have been prevented if local governments had simply followed the rules.

Instead, we have sanctuary cities and states refusing to notify ICE or to hold undocumented immigrants in custody when they do catch them.

How many more times do we have to hear of some horrific crime being committed by someone who entered this country illegally and who had been previously apprehended but let go by local governments?

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Dems may say Hannity is overstating the severity of this crisis, but Hannity is dead-on perfect in his conclusion.

This is an emergency situation, and President Donald Trump has every right to declare it as such if it will keep more Americans out of harm’s way.

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