Boom! White House confirms Trump trial is 'related to 2024' elections

 May 14, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Supporters of President Donald Trump long have considered the multiple lawfare cases brought by Democrats against him to be political.

It appears now that the White House has admitted that essentially is the case.

It happened when Joe Biden's spokeswoman, Karine Jean Pierre, was asked about how appropriate it is for Washington leaders like House Speaker Mike Johnson to be attending Trump's New York trial, where District Attorney Alvin Bragg claims bookkeeping violations that are misdemeanors are felonies because Trump did them.

She said, "So look, I can't speak to uh, um -- I don't want to comment as this is related to the 2024 elections. And I can't speak to the speaker's schedule, that is something for him to decide on."

RedState said she let the "cat out of the bag."

It continued, "Oh, my, does she get what she just inadvertently appeared to admit? That she can't speak about the lawfare because it has to do with the elections. Did a little truth just slip out?"

It continued, "She doesn't appear to understand she shouldn't be saying the lawfare is related to the elections."

All of the cases against Trump are over alleged offenses from years ago, and are being pursued by Democrats right during a presidential campaign, with prosecutors demanding that he be brought to trial before the election. Evidence even has shown that the Biden White House was involved in developing some of the cases.

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