Cory Booker not satisfied with ‘red flag’ laws, wants more anti-gun legislation

2020 presidential candidate Cory Booker’s attitude towards both red flag laws and background checks should be worrisome for anyone supporting our second amendment rights.

When asked about the Republican interest in supporting red flag laws, Booker indicated that he’s in favor of skipping over those laws because they are simply not enough in his eyes. 

More Laws Needed

As happens anytime there is a mass shooting, Democrats look to flood Congress with anti-gun legislation. Even Trump will likely sign off on red flag legislation as long as it does not violate the second amendment.

There are also signs Republicans are willing to sign off on more comprehensive background checks. However, even though this is what Democrats have been asking for, they now want more so that they can capitalize on the momentum they are getting from these proposed pieces of legislation.

Booker stated, “We need far more bolder action to make our nation safe. Red-flag laws, yes, they’re important, but they’re nowhere near enough to stop these rising levels of mass shootings.”

“Now having … less sunrises and sunsets than we’ve had mass shootings — we have to do more. The American public should demand more,” Booker said. “And frankly, things like background checks are overwhelmingly supported by gun owners. The fact that we’re not doing that is a failure of leadership,” he added.

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Problems with Legislation

Even though Trump supporters generally stick with whatever decision Trump makes, red flag laws could be a different story.

The biggest challenge of these types of laws is that assumptions are made on what someone may or may not due. If you have ever seen the movie Minority Report, this is eerily similar to that plotline.

Judge Napolitano addressed this very issue, stating, “The theory of the Constitution is we don’t punish people or take their rights away from them because of what they might do, what they could do, because of what we fear they’ll do, but only because of what they have done.”

This is a very slippery slope. Hardcore constitutionalists believe that giving in to any degree whatsoever will open the door for Democrats to start shredding the Constitution, something they have been trying to do for years.

All we can hope at this point is that even though there is a sense of urgency right now, our elected representatives do not rush to pass something that ends up leading to negative Second Amendment ramifications down the road solely for the purpose of pacifying Democrats.

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