Cory Booker personally escorts immigrants across border

While most Americans were planning their Independence Day celebrations on Wednesday, Democrat presidential candidate Cory Booker did something else.

Booker personally escorted five illegal immigrants across the border to apply for asylum, possibly violating federal immigration laws and placing himself at risk of being arrested. 

Publicity stunt

Booker is flailing in the most recent polls. While he believed he would be considered a frontrunner in this campaign, Booker is at the bottom of virtually every poll, barely making a dent in the field.

So, in order to get some free press, Booker decided to head to the border to show where his real priorities lie. Booker personally escorted five individuals seeks asylum here in the United States.

The case the immigrants are making is that they fear sexual violence will be carried out against them and has been in the past.

Booker stated he believed their story and that they were unjustly denied asylum. He further stated this case will now become a high priority for his office to fight for these illegals.

Do the job you’re paid to do

Will Booker actually be arrested? It is a fairly safe bet to say that he won’t. However, there is a much bigger picture item that needs to be discussed.

Booker is being paid with tax dollars and is supposed to be representing the people of his state and of this country in the United States Senate.

So, if Booker is spending his time and our money to fight for these illegal immigrants, what is he doing for his actual constituents?

Perhaps the fact that Booker has made illegal immigrants his number one priority is one of the reasons he is falling so rapidly on the polls.

Our politicians need to understand first and foremost, they have a responsibility to represent Americans, not illegal immigrants. Booker needs to do the job he is being paid to do or he needs to resign.

If he wants to fight for illegals, that is fine, but let him do it on his time, not on ours and with a paycheck that We the People are funding.

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