Report: Cory Booker won’t drop out of 2020 race after raising more than $6 million in third quarter

Prior to the end of the third quarter, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker (D) warned his supporters that he would be forced to drop out of the 2020 presidential race if he was unable to raise an additional $1.7 million over the next 10 days. But it looks like his supporters came through.

The Democrat revealed on Tuesday that he will remain in the race for the White House — at least, for now.

Booker isn’t dropping out just yet

CNBC reports that Booker’s campaign raised more than $6 million over the course of the third quarter, the largest sum the 2020 hopeful has raised since beginning his campaign earlier this year.

Far from having to drop out of the race due to lack of funds and support, Booker’s campaign now feels confident enough to continue on in the race.

In a message to his supporters on Tuesday, Booker said: “I’m proud to report that our 10-day push raised a total of $2,159,165.34 from more than 46,000 donations.”

He went on: “Because of you, we’ll be able to make critical investments that will allow us to continue growing our campaign in the way we need to compete to win the nomination.”

Booker reportedly intends to hire at least 40 more staffers for the campaign and open new field offices in some of the early primary states as he makes a push over the next few months to build his base of support.

Good news for Trump

While it may not sound like it, this is actually good news for President Donald Trump and his re-election campaign. Booker’s push forward will keep the Democratic Party in disarray.

Indeed, that $6 million raised by Booker over the third quarter — particularly the $2.1 million raised in its final days — could easily have bolstered the campaign coffers of one of the other candidates who are far more likely to win the Democrats’ nomination.

Similarly, the 40 new staffers Booker plans to hire will prevent those experts from providing their assistance to one of those better Democratic candidates.

And the support Booker is drawing in the polls — limited as it may be — is also hampering some of the other candidates, who Booker’s supporters would likely migrate to if the New Jersey senator were no longer in the running.

In the end, Booker’s decision to remain in the Democratic primary race for now only serves to weaken the party overall. For now, Trump is probably smiling at this development.

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