New book dives deep inside Trump family’s secrets

For a family that was so closely knit, the Trump family has had to make some tragic sacrifices now that Donald Trump is the president.

According to a new book by White House insider Doug Wead, among those is the fact several of Trump’s children that usually had daily interaction with their father no longer have that influence.

Good for Some…

For at least one family member, the move to D.C. has changed the entire relationship. Tiffany Trump grew up with her mother, Marla Maples, in California, so she never really had daily interaction with her father.

Now that she is attending Georgetown, however, she sees him almost every week now as well as visiting with her younger brother, Barron, and her sister, Ivanka.

Tiffany stated, “I tend to go to the White House to see my dad and stop by to say ‘Hi’ to [first lady] Melania and [half-brother] Barron about every week.

“It’s nice that my law school is so close that I’m able to stop by and see Barron playing soccer in the yard after school.”

Not So Good for Others…

Normally, if a president owns a business, that business is put into a blind trust for the duration of the presidency. One of the reasons Donald Trump did not run for president in 2012 was because Eric and Don Jr. were not quite ready to take over the family business in their father’s absence.

With Trump not wanting to turn his business over to a blind trust, this meant his presidency run had to be delayed. In 2016, they were ready, but that also meant significant separation from their father.

Not only did Donald Trump obviously have to leave New York, legally, his sons cannot discuss business with their father or they would be in violation of the emoluments clause.

This is quite the rude awakening for both sons, as they were used to having daily interaction and counsel with their father. The situation seems to be hitting Eric Trump the hardest, as he stated, “We used to see our father every day. Not anymore. Not anymore.

Good of the Country

Contrary to the liberal narrative, Donald Trump did not run for president to get richer; he ran to make the country better. Trump’s business philosophy has always been to take over a struggling company to make it better, then sell it for a profit.

Trump believed he had the economic solutions to turn this country around, so he has very much treated it like a business, and to this point, it has worked rather well.

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