New book exposes close friendship between Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein

It has long been known that disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, once a prominent Democratic donor, was on good terms with former President Bill Clinton, but a new book has revealed that their relationship may have been closer than anybody previously suspected.

A new biography of the convicted sexual predator claims that Weinstein gave advice to Clinton on how to navigate the fallout of the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal as well as how to handle the impact of that scandal on his relationship with then-first lady Hillary Clinton, Breitbart reported.

The book also exposed how Weinstein and the Clintons vacationed together at places like Camp David and Martha’s Vineyard and how the predatory producer and president developed a close friendship based on similarly traumatic childhood experiences.

A sharp look at Weinstein’s rise and fall

The book is titled “Hollywood Ending: Harvey Weinstein and the Culture of Silence,” and was written by journalist Ken Auletta, who has covered Hollywood and the entertainment industry for the New Yorker for three decades.

It chronicles Weinstein’s life from his New York City childhood through his rise to power in Hollywood to his recent downfall and criminal convictions over decades of rape and sexual abuse — all based on multiple lengthy interviews with family members and former friends and colleagues.

Among those interviewed was former President Clinton, who revealed to Auletta that he and Weinstein had forged a close bond over a shared “deep yearning” to accomplish great things quickly due to family trauma experienced as children.

Advice on dealing with the fallout of infidelity

According to excerpts of the book reviewed by the Daily Mail, Clinton’s friendship with Weinstein came in handy during the second term scandal of Clinton’s illicit affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, during which Weinstein had provided a “shoulder” for Clinton to lean on for advice and comfort at that time.

Such was the recollection of Marcy Granata, who was formerly the president of publicity and corporate communications at Weinstein’s Miramax studio, who told Auletta that her former boss “would brag about counseling the President who, as Harvey told it, was in the ‘doghouse,’ something Harvey assured the President he knew a lot about.”

That “doghouse” reference was in relation to the fact that both Weinstein and Clinton had a documented history of infidelities that landed them in hot water with their wives.

The Clintons knew about Weinstein’s abusive behavior

Speaking of Clinton’s wife, Hillary, the book also revealed that the former first lady, senator, secretary of State, and presidential nominee, as well as her top aides and staffers, were warned numerous times about Weinstein’s predatory behavior, but those concerns were dismissed and the Clintons remained loyal to Weinstein due to the substantial financial support he provided to their political careers.

The Daily Mail noted that from 1998 to 2002 alone, Weinstein personally donated more than $750,000 to Democratic candidates, including the Clintons, and over that same span of time helped bundle more than $14 million in donations for the Democratic Party. He later reprised that bundler’s role in 2016 when he helped raise more than $1.4 million for Clinton’s failed presidential bid.

Both Bill and Hillary acted as though they were “shocked and appalled” by the revelations of Weinstein’s sexually predatory behavior when it was finally publicly exposed in 2017, but as this new book makes abundantly clear, they were both, at the very least, well aware of their friend’s criminal and disgusting abuses of power.

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