New book penned by fired White House aide praises Trump, blasts media

Last year, a personal aide to the president was forced out of her job for allegedly telling reporters details of her interactions with and observations of the Trump family, and she is now back in the spotlight once again.

The Washington Examiner reports that Madeleine Westerhout, the former director of Oval Office operations, is about to release a book that praises the president and condemns the media.  

Firing offense

Westerhout’s book, Off the Record: My Dream Job at the White House, How I Lost It, and What I Learned,” is set to be released this upcoming week, and in it, the former aide recalls the incident that resulted in her dismissal.

At a social dinner occasion, Westerhout found herself at a table with four reporters, and there, she joked about first daughter Tiffany Trump’s weight and suggested that she had a better relationship with the president than either of his daughters did.

The then-staffer was under the assumption that the dinner was an off-the-record event, and in fact it was supposed to be. But, the next day, what Westerhout had said made its way back to the president, and former White House Chief of tsaff Mick Mulvaney asked Westerhout to leave, as The New York Times noted.

Westerhout explains

In her new account, Westerhout gives us a closer look at what happened that day, admitting to having been under the influence of alcohol when she made the comments, but insisting that she is not looking to make excuses for what happened.

In a recent interview with Secret, Westerhout gave a preview of her book in which she explained why she said what she said:

I was kind of naive, very naive, and I didn’t think that what happened would happen. In my own way, I was trying to humanize the president and tell another group of human beings that the president and his family are in some ways just like us. They have their own triumphs. They have their own struggles. And honestly, I think my hope was that the reporters I was sitting down with would start to see the president and his family as just another group of people and treat them with respect.

Now, however, Westerhout believes “that the press really reported on this story so much because they hate this president, and they will do what they can to hurt him, and they definitely did hurt him with this story.”

Forgiveness granted

Westerhout has fully owned up to her actions and has apparently also apologized to President Trump and received his forgiveness.

“I think that the fact that he forgave me just goes to show how gracious he is,” Westerhout told Secrets.

The Examiner offers a glimps of what else is contained in the book, writing:

She hopes to use the book and media appearances to promote it to counter negative stories about the president. Several passages describe his worth ethic, his reliance on female aides, his constant reading and warmth for friends and family and staff. It also touches on the importance of tweets for the president and the Team Trump vs. Republican National Committee war that dogged the early days of the administration.

It sounds like this book may indeed be worth a read.

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