Bongino urges Republicans ‘to play hardball,’ launch immediate impeachment against Biden

As was predicted by many when Democrats used impeachment as a political weapon against former President Donald Trump, Democrats could soon come to regret such tactics.

According to the Washington Examiner, conservative commentator Dan Bongino told his radio show listeners that it’s time for Republicans “to play hardball,” adding that “new rules are in effect,” urging Republican lawmakers to launch impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden. 

The possibility of succeeding in an impeachment attempt is virtually impossible at the current time, as Democrats control the House. However, that could significantly change after the 2022 midterms.

“Now we have a reason”

Citing Biden’s failures at the southern U.S. border and his administration’s rocky handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bongino insisted that not only should Republicans move to impeach the president, but that there exists a legitimate reason for such an action, unlike the way Democrats used impeachment against Trump.

“The Democrats think impeachment is a strictly political tool to get rid of your political enemies, even when they don’t have a reason? You know, fake impeachment one, fake impeachment two over Trump,” Bongino said.

He added: “Well, now we have a real reason,” referencing the president’s growing list of failures.

Bongino certainly wasn’t short in his ability to point out the glaring failures of the Biden administration, hitting the president on the extension of the eviction moratorium in addition to allowing thousands of potentially COVID-19-infected migrants to run loose across America.

His message to Republicans was made crystal clear: “That’s just icing on the cake. These are real reasons to impeach. Get it done now. Right now. No more B.S. from you guys.”

Bongino’s strategy

With conservative powerhouses like Mark Levin pushing for Republicans to use impeachment as the Democrats did — except now for legitimate reasons — Bongino told his listeners that he’s formulating a new plan that will allow American voters to pressure their lawmakers.

Acknowledging that such efforts might not go very far in Congress, at least at the current time, Bongino said he’ll soon be launching a website that will allow Americans to directly voice their concerns with their representatives.

“Put forth the impeachment resolution now. Doesn’t matter. Make them vote on it. Get it on the floor. Get it in the news cycle right now. This guy has got to go. He is the worst president in U.S. history,” Bongino said.

Hopefully, as conservatives with huge platforms — like Bongino and Levin — come together, Republican lawmakers will batten down the hatches and fight, as it appears to be the only possible way to get America back on track.

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