Bongino accused Biden of being ‘accomplice’ to ‘mass murder’ of Americans from illicit drug overdose deaths

A recent report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicated that drug overdose deaths, particularly from the synthetic opioid fentanyl, had surged to record levels over the past few years, and though few authority figures will admit it, much of the illicit drugs that cause those overdose deaths, especially fentanyl, are smuggled across the nation’s porous border by Mexican drug cartels.

In light of that grim news on overdose deaths, and given President Joe Biden’s decidedly lax enforcement of border security, Fox News host Dan Bongino accused the president of being an “accomplice” to “murder” and “complicit” in those unnecessary deaths from illicit drugs like fentanyl, the Conservative Brief reported.

The former New York City police officer and Secret Service agent stressed repeatedly that he was fully aware of the ramifications of his accusation, but nonetheless reiterated multiple times his belief that Biden, by way of his border policies, was an “accomplice” in the murder of thousands of American citizens by the hands of Mexican drug cartels and smugglers.

An “accomplice” to “mass murder”

“Joe Biden is a disgrace to humankind,” Bongino said during his Fox News program Saturday. “He is — he’s completely turned his back on the disastrous crisis on our southern border. And because of that, he is a direct accomplice to the mass murder of thousands of American citizens.”

“Listen, I use my words carefully and very deliberately, and I mean every single word of that. Before you say, ‘Hey, slow down,’ let’s take a look at the definition of the word accomplice,” he continued. “According to Merriam-Webster, an accomplice is: ‘One associated with another, especially in wrongdoing.’ Keep that in your head as I go through the rest of this here.”

“It’s a fact, our kids are being intentionally killed and poisoned, intentionally using fentanyl brought in through the border by drug cartels in Mexico, and it originates with the Chinese Communist Party, the chemicals for the fentanyl,” Bongino said. “Listen, the stats don’t lie, folks. They don’t lie. U.S. overdose deaths in the year ending in February of 2022 surged nearly 20 percent in just one year. And the number’s going up, it’s not going down.”

Bongino proceeded to discuss at length the Biden administration’s weak policies on border security and migration, and repeated throughout his assertion that President Biden was culpable for the soaring numbers of drug overdose deaths that can be directly linked back to the nation’s porous southern border.

“Folks, if Joe Biden knows the drugs are flowing in via the cartels — which he does — and is doing nothing to stop it, but instead is trying to actually accelerate the problem, then I will say it again and I will mean it again — he is an accomplice to the mass murder of thousands of Americans,” the Fox host insisted.

Overdose deaths up substantially since prior to pandemic

While Bongino may be alone in directly linking President Biden to drug overdose deaths, he certainly isn’t alone in expressing alarm over the rising numbers of overdose deaths from illicit drugs, especially fentanyl, in recent years, as evidenced by a recent “Today” show report.

That report confirmed that drug overdose deaths hit an all-time high in 2021, according to the CDC, with the reported increase in deaths following a surge of roughly 30 percent in overdose deaths during 2020 — per a separate CDC report — the lost year marked by the coronavirus pandemic that was compounded by life-ruining government lockdowns and business closures and extra high levels of stress fueled by the fear-mongering media.

President Biden may not be responsible for the 2020 surge in overdose deaths — though he did encourage the disruptive government responses and egged on the fear-mongering — but he is most certainly accountable for the increase in 2021, as it is his lax border enforcement policies that have allowed the problem to get worse.

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