Iconic 1960s ‘Bond girl’ Nadja Regin dies at age 87

An iconic actress from the ’60s has passed away.

Nadja Regin, who played in two James Bond films, died this weekend. She was 87.

Bond Star

Regin’s star shone pretty bright in the 1960s.

While the Serbian-born actress’ first film credit dates back to 1949, she did not really hit the mainstream until she appeared in the James Bond thriller From Russia with Love in 1963.

She made a second appearance in the franchise in 1964, starring as Bonita in Goldfinger.

But she wasn’t always proud of it. In one interview, Regin actually called her time in the Bond films embarrassing.

“To be honest, in the beginning I was very embarrassed, because they were such tiny roles,” she said.

Her opinion changed when the British queen appeared in one of the films.

“I thought, well, if it’s good enough for Her Majesty, I shouldn’t be so ashamed,” Regin said.

Regin remained active for the remainder of the decade, appearing in roughly a dozen TV shows and starring in two more movies.

From On-Screen to Behind-the-Scenes

Regin left the acting part of the industry in the late 1960s and transitioned to the production side of things, selecting scripts for Rank Films and Hammer Films, among others.

Then, in the 1980s, Regin founded a publishing company with her sister.

From that point forward, writing became her main passion — but she still dabbled on the screen.

In 2017, Regin played in a short called “Hammer’s Lost Worlds.”

Her last credited work came in 2018, when she as herself in a documentary about Hammer Films called Hammer Horror: The Warner Bros Years.


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