Bombshell video discredits prosecution’s claim in Kyle Rittenhouse case

A new video from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) appears to discredit a key claim made by the prosecution during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, Citizen Free Press reports. 

The prosecution’s claim is that Rittenhouse pointed his rifle at Joseph Rosenbaum, one of the individuals that Rittenhouse shot and killed during riots that broke out in the wake of the police-involved shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year.

What’s in the video?

Amid a crowd, the video shows Rittenhouse, Rosenbaum, and Joshua Ziminski, the man who is known for firing the first shot on that night. It should be noted that the video is low quality, however, both Rosenbaum and Rittenhouse, with a rifle, are visible, and Ziminski can be seen holding a pistol.

Rosenbaum is chasing Rittenhouse. Ziminski is walking toward Rittenhouse with his pistol by his side, and Rittenhouse can be seen retreating with a rifle.

Take a look:

Notably, Rittenhouse only grabs his rifle — the way a normal right-handed person would hold a rifle — as he is retreating. And, once he grabs his rifle, he begins to run away.

There’s more

The prosecution submitted into evidence a photo of Rittenhouse apparently pointing his rifle at Ziminsky. The FBI footage also calls this photo into question.

For one thing, in the photo, Rittenhouse is holding the rifle the way a left-handed person would hold a rifle, which doesn’t line up with the facts, namely that Rittenhouse was right-handed, or with the FBI video footage.

In addition, infrared footage from the FBI suggests that it was actually not a rifle that was pointed at Ziminsky. This is because the object had the same temperature as Rittenhouse’s body. It simply wouldn’t be possible for it to be a rifle.

A more plausible explanation, which lines up with footage from the infrared video, is that the object was Rittenhouse’s arm.


Last week, Breitbart reported, Rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense and seemingly credibly claimed that the shootings were in self-defense. This claim has been bolstered by several witnesses, including one of the individuals that Rittenhouse shot. Rittenhouse’s self-defense claim is now also bolstered by this video footage.

It’s becoming quite clear what happened in Wisconsin last year, and it’s not the narrative that has been pushed by the left, the media, and even the White House.

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