Rush Limbaugh questions if mailed bombs were a ‘false flag’

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has presented a rather interesting explanation for the mysterious bombs mailed to several high-profile Democrats this week.

Limbaugh thinks the packages may have been “false flags” sent by liberals to give fodder for Dems as voters head to the booths in two weeks.

Not So Crazy…

I know, I know — it’s just a conspiracy theory, right?

Not so fast.

Limbaugh makes a very strong case as to why this is such a strong possibility.

First and foremost, terrorism is a weapon to be used when a side is losing — not winning.

When one looks at the targets of these bombs, it is quite clear these are all people or organizations that have for the most part become irrelevant.

Hillary Clinton, while still working the circuit, has lost significant credibility and clout in the political world.

She may still garner some significant speaking fees, but as far as being a threat to the presidency, nobody is worried about her anymore.

Barack Obama has also made himself irrelevant by making outlandish claims that everything good that is happening under President Donald Trump should actually be attributed to him.

Obama is trying to rally voters using this exact angle, but the truth is: the economy was stagnant and unemployment ran out of control on his watch.

Only after Trump won the presidency did consumer confidence start to rise.

Likewise, after the GOP tax cuts were made, we saw significant movement in the jobs sector — which had nothing to do with Obama.

And CNN, well, do we really need to say anything about the biggest fake news outlet in the mainstream media?

No Purpose

As Limbaugh points out, these attacks simply serve no purpose for conservatives.

The only outcome of this is for liberals to blame Trump and place the blame on an extremist.

While these bombs may very well have been created by an out-of-control extremist on the right, Limbaugh’s explanation a lot of sense.

And, for the record, this would not be the first time liberal extremists went down this road.

We saw several instances during the 2016 campaign season where liberals created similar scenarios to make conservatives look bad.

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Eventually, they were all found out and the truth was exposed.

We can only hope this case is solved just as quickly, so voters know the truth before they head to the voting booths in two weeks.

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