Syrian civilians scatter after bombs hit hospital inside Idlib

The Syrian government has turned its weapons on its own people in the unrelenting quest for control.

In an effort to secure the city of Idlib, missiles rained out of the sky from reported Russian airstrikes.

So Much for Cease Fire

Idlib is one of the few areas not controlled by the Syrian government. As such, it is doing everything it can do get the area under control, including killing its own civilians with airstrikes.

There had been a reported cease-fire, but it did not last very long. In fact, within 24 hours of the agreement, the airstrike had been conducted.

CBS News took a crew inside the area and what the crew saw was horrific. Among the targets hit was a civilian hospital.

Only hours before the news crew showed up, a civilian clinic had been all but destroyed by Syrian troops.

No Heart

Syria is proving it will do just about anything to regain control of the area.

This, of course, includes cutting off any chance of medical help for those hit in these attacks.

With hospitals and clinics being taken out, victims of the airstrikes are often left by the roadside to die.

In an effort to save themselves, many of the residents of the area have fled and now reside in refugee camps outside the area.

Many of the individuals in the camp have lost everyone and everything they ever cared both for and about.

The United Nations has regularly condemned the activities of both Russia and Syria in the area, but that condemnation is clearly falling on deaf ears.

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