Stormy Daniels appeared at same strip club where Cesar Sayoc worked

The political pipe bombing suspect, Cesar Sayoc, worked at the same Florida strip club where Stormy Daniels performed earlier this year.

Crazy Coincidence

In April, Daniels made an appearance at Ultra Gentlemen’s Club in West Palm Beach. It is unclear whether Sayoc was working there at the time Daniels appeared.

You may actually recall this particular appearance as it was blasted all over national news outlets when it happened.

The club just happened to be located right across the street from a Trump golf course.

Sayoc reportedly worked at the Ultra Gentlemen’s Club as part of the “muscle crew” and had been there for “only a few months.”

In fact, he worked there on Thursday night, the night before he was arrested for the political bomb mailings.

The club manager, Stacy Saccal, had no idea what Sayoc was up to.

Saccal stated, “I never knew his van was covered in political stickers. I thought it was an ice cream truck.”

Never Political

While Sayoc’s van has almost every window covered in political stickers, he apparently kept his opinions to himself when he was at the club.

Other employees of the club familiar with Sayoc said he never talked politics at work.

However, they did note something a bit odd when he showed up for work on Thursday.

In addition to his normal gear, Sayoc arrived with two duffle bags as well as a cooler.

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He stashed his gear close to the stage, but never appeared to get into it.

When asked if they thought Sayoc had brought weapons into the club, a DJ that worked with Sayoc said he didn’t know.

Sayoc has been arrested and faces federal charges for mailing over a dozen explosives to prominent Democrats around the country.

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