John Bolton resumes PAC position after ouster from White House

Earlier this week, John Bolton was terminated from his position as National Security Adviser.

Within days, Bolton had resumed his old position at the head of two powerful political action committees. 

“The John Bolton PAC and John Bolton Super PAC seek a strong, clear, and dependable U.S. national security policy, resting on constancy and resolve,” he announced in a statement. “The experience that these incumbent members of Congress have provides them with a remarkable understanding and knowledge of the threats we face from international terrorism and rogue regimes such as Iran and North Korea.”

Controversial Firing

Everyone knew the writing was on the wall and it was only a matter of time before Bolton either left or was terminated from his position.

For months, he and Trump were at odds on issues and for weeks, Trump had been cutting Bolton out of key meetings. It was very reminiscent of what happened to Jeff Sessions right before he was let go.

It was not controversial that Bolton was let go, but exactly how it happened remains up for discussion. Trump stated that he fired Bolton, but Bolton has maintained that he offered up his resignation first.

Even though the two were at odds during the last days of Bolton’s tenure, initially, it appeared as though there was no animosity between the two. That has surely changed now.

Back in Action

Just what Bolton was going to do post-White House was widely discussed after his dismissal. Because of the way the last few days went down, many people thought he would wind up as the latest Trump insider to shred the administration on cable news.

That, however, is not the direction Bolton is taking. It appears as though his primary concern right now is getting the House back and helping Republicans hold onto the Senate.

Prior to taking on his role in the Trump administration, Bolton was the head of both the John Bolton PAC and the John Bolton Super PAC, a role he immediately resumed after his dismissal.

Bolton paused his role with these organizations during his time with the administration, but he immediately went back to work writing out big checks for five Republican incumbent candidates. Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR), Cory Gardner (R-CO) and Thom Tillis (R-NC), along with Reps. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Lee Zeldin (R-NY) all received $10,000 from Bolton’s PACs.

While he did not take a direct shot at Trump in the statement that accompanied the donations, Bolton made it very clear he was donating to candidates who shared his views regarding “the threats we face” today.

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