Report: John Bolton set to release tell-all memoir later this month

The American people will no doubt recall how much talk there was during the Donald Trump impeachment fiasco about former National Security Adviser John Bolton and a tell-all memoir he was writing that would supposedly prove that the president had acted inappropriately with regard to Ukraine.

That alleged proof never emerged, and the book has yet to be released — but that may soon change. The Hill reported that Bolton is moving forward with a plan to release his book at some point in late June, whether the White House likes it or not.

A White House memoir

Bolton’s tell-all book, titled The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir, was initially supposed to have been released earlier in 2020, but it was delayed by a review process undertaken by the National Security Council (NSC) to ensure it contained no classified material.

Now, according to The Hill, unnamed sources said to be “familiar with Bolton’s plans” say that he has set a date of June 23 for the book’s release, and that he is already in the process of lining up multiple interviews to promote it.

The sources also said that Bolton fully intends to go forward with the release even if he hasn’t received final approval from the White House or NSC, as he believes that he has taken sufficient precautions on his own to make sure there is no classified material included in the published memoir.

A rocky relationship

This rather bold move alleged to be Bolton’s plan was first reported by The Washington Post, which described the book as “an unvarnished and caustic account of life inside the White House from the national security adviser’s perspective.”

It’s no secret that Bolton, who served Trump’s National Security adviser from April 2018 to September 2019, didn’t see eye-to-eye with Trump on a lot of issues, and left the administration on less than ideal terms.

According to the Post, President Trump has been opposed to Bolton releasing the book at all — or at least so long as he remains in office.

But that’s really no surprise either, as Trump has been quite outspoken about the disagreements he and Bolton had, particularly with regard to important foreign policy issues and Bolton’s known hawkish tendencies, which conflict with Trump’s oft-stated desire to avoid more foreign entanglements.

That was probably summed up best by a two-part tweet from Trump in late January — right in the middle of his impeachment trial — in which the president slammed Bolton for his many “mistakes of judgment,” his apparent desire to launch “World War Six,” and his “nasty [and] untrue book” that he alleged was full of classified national security material.

It remains to be seen whether Bolton will follow through with this alleged plan to release his memoir in late June in spite of White House opposition. But, honestly, who knows whether anyone outside of the devoted #Resistance crowd will even care what Bolton has to say about his brief tenure in the Trump administration?

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