Bolton admits the Republican Party has grown bigger under Trump

Some of President Donald Trump’s cabinet officials and top advisers did not work out as the president had hoped when they were brought on to the administration. Former National Security Advisor John Bolton certainly falls into that category.

Bolton, now a staunch critic of the president, appeared on CNN over the weekend to trash his former boss but, in doing so, actually admitted that Trump has expanded the Republican Party and improved it for the better, The Daily Caller reported.

Bolton says Biden won

During an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, host Jake Tapper asked Bolton for his take on the president’s continued efforts to dispute the reported results of the election.

Bolton said he believes that Democratic nominee Joe Biden had won and that Trump was simply “throwing rocks through windows” as the “political equivalent of a street rioter.”

He suggested that Trump had “given up on the legal issues” and was merely attempting to “sow enough confusion” to delay the inevitable. He argued that “this is not a legal exercise anymore” but rather had transformed into an “exercise of raw political power.”

Bolton then urged Republican leaders to come out in force in opposition to the president’s continued efforts to forestall a transition in power and expressed worry that, in light of the crucial Senate runoff races in Georgia, Trump’s actions could prove detrimental to the party and result in Democrats gaining full control of the government.

Success acknowledged

Tapper later asked Bolton what he thought would happen to the Republican Party once Trump is gone and if “Trumpism” would continue or if the party would return to its pre-Trump roots.

“Look, there is no Trumpism. The man does not have a philosophy. And people can try and draw lines between the dots of his decisions. They will fail,” Bolton replied, only to then pivot and seemingly contradict himself by acknowledging how, under Trump, the party had grown bigger and stronger.

“I do think he has brought people into the party disaffected with the Democrats, working-class people, blue-collar workers. I think that’s great, the more, the better,” he said. “But I think I want a party like Ronald Reagan’s — optimistic, forward-looking, trying to unite the country around conservative values. I don’t think that’s going to be hard to do.”

The party is better

People can say what they will about Trump’s style and tone, and even argue about the wisdom and long-term effectiveness of some of his policies.

But one fact that can’t be dismissed, even by his enemies and rivals, is that he revitalized a previously constrained and nearly dead Republican Party.

Now, for the better, as even Bolton agreed, the Republican Party has a broader base and an energetic fighting spirit — albeit not shared by the old establishment holdovers — that has made the party stronger, more welcoming and better suited to govern in this constantly evolving society.

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