Report: Bolton to cooperate with Democrats on impeachment inquiry

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton continues to be a thorn in the side of Donald Trump.

In a stunning blow to President Trump, Bolton’s attorneys are now working with House Democrats to work out arrangements for his cooperation in their impeachment inquiry, according to the Daily Caller.

Not Seeing Eye-to-Eye

Bolton and Trump never really clicked during his time in the administration. To some, Bolton was an old-school hawk who preferred to keep the United States in war rather than exit.

Many Trump supporters were relieved when Bolton was fired because it appeared as though he was trying to push Trump into a war with Iran.

During Bolton’s last days, there were more than a few rumors that Trump was keeping Bolton out of the loop and not even allowing him to see briefings relevant to NSA, which is when the rumors of his pending dismissal began.

When Bolton was finally terminated, he took to social media to counter the version of the story that Donald Trump had put out, showing there was still animosity between Bolton and his former boss.

Was Bolton the Leak?

From testimony that has already been given, it appears that John Bolton may have actually been the one to encourage the whistleblower — and possibly other staffers — to come forward against Trump.

Former national security adviser Fiona Hill testified that it was Bolton who recommended her to the NSA legal team to report what she deemed to be “wrongdoing” with our foreign policy.

Another diplomat, Bill Taylor, also told Congress during his testimony that Bolton had been upset about Trump’s call to Ukraine’s president.

Since Bolton and Trump were so far apart on the Middle East agenda, is it possible the former NSA chief went rogue to try to remove Trump from office by feeding these narratives?

That would have seemed like an impossibility several years ago, but not today, as there seems to be more and more evidence that a “Deep State” exists within our government.

If Bolton does testify, he would clearly be considered a turncoat by Trump, who has been adamant that he does not want staffers, past or present, cooperating with an investigation he believes to be unconstitutional.

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