John Bolton accuses Obama official of abusing his security clearance

The reasoning for the removal of former CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance is coming into focus.

National Security Advisor John Bolton stated that he believed Brennan crossed a line when it comes to the “separation between intelligence and policy.”

Politicizing Intelligence

We are at a very dangerous time in our country as White House leaks have continued to reveal classified information to the media.

At first, the reasonable assumption was that it was someone in Trump’s administration leaking the information.

Now, though, it seems more likely someone from a previous administration that still has access to classified information has been leaking the info to undermine the Trump presidency.

From the very first day Trump was in office, information has found its way to the media that never should have been released.

In addition to these numerous leaks, we have also seen several former administration members who have clearance make appearances on TV to criticize the president’s actions.

Some of their comments raised questions about how they know about certain information to make such assertations.

In the case of Brennan, it is clear to most he was using classified information to form his opinions, which is definitely reason enough to revoke his clearance.

Crossing the Line

Bolton made it very clear he believed Brennan crossed a line that should never be crossed.

On Brennan’s time in the Obama administration, Bolton stated: “It was my view at the time that he and others in the Obama administration were politicizing intelligence.”

He added: “I think that is a very dangerous thing to do. And, I think especially for senior intelligence officials who come out of the government to keep that wall of separation between intelligence and policy. And, I don’t think Brennan has followed that.”

While Bolton was hesitant to give a specific example, he agreed that some of the comments Brennan made could have only been made with the knowledge of classified information.

Revisit Policy

For decades, former members of administrations with security clearances have been given the courtesy of retaining their security clearance.

This not only enabled them to advise administration members that followed them, but it also made them highly sought after in the private sector.

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The only way these individuals should be able to maintain their clearance is if they are an active adviser or have a position with a company where a clearance is mandated.

Other than that, as Bolton argued, the policy should be revisited simply because of the nature of the information and the fact that far too much information is getting out, putting our country at risk.

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