Brazil’s Bolsonaro claims he and other leaders were snubbed by Biden at G20 meeting, suggests ‘age’ might be to blame

Many Americans have spoken out against President Joe Biden’s increasingly apparent decline in cognitive health, which may well be related to his advanced age, and now a prominent foreign leader has done so as well.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro revealed to reporters Thursday that he had been snubbed and ignored by Biden that last time both leaders met, though he explained that Biden had snubbed all other leaders, too, and attributed it to the president’s age, Breitbart reported.

That assertion from Bolsonaro came as he finally announced that he would attend an upcoming Summit of the Americas hosted by Biden in Los Angeles, California — a summit he had initially considered not attending due to a “freeze” imposed on U.S.-Brazil relations since Biden took office in 2021.

Brazilian leader claims he was snubbed at G20 by Biden

Reuters reported that President Bolsonaro, while speaking to reporters Thursday, described being snubbed by President Biden and treated as if he didn’t even exist while attending the G20 economic summit last year.

“I met him at the G20 and he went by as if I did not exist, but that was how he treated everyone. It might be the age, I don’t know,” the Brazilian leader said.

As for the upcoming Summit of the Americas, Bolsonaro also announced that he would be in attendance, albeit perhaps a bit reluctantly and with limited expectations.

“I was inclined not to appear,” he revealed to reporters. “Given Brazil’s size, I cannot just go there for a photo op … I am not going there to smile, shake hands, and pose for a photograph.”

Things were better when Trump was president

Bolsonaro’s expressed concern over the Summit involving little more than photo-ops is a legitimate one, because there is a real possibility that several major left-leaning nations in Central and South America, such as Mexico and Argentina, will boycott the event if invitations aren’t extended to openly communist and socialist states like Cuba and Venezuela.

The Brazilian president had different reasons for possibly not attending, though, namely being the cold shoulder he has received from Biden, likely on account of Bolsonaro being a staunch ally and supporter of former President Donald Trump.

Bolsonaro alluded to as much when he described to reporters his recent meeting with former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT), who is now Biden’s special adviser for the imminent summit and traveled to Brazil specifically to convince him to attend the upcoming gathering in Los Angeles.

“With Trump, everything was very good. We had a lot of things planned to do for Brazil, adding value to Brazil,” Bolsonaro said, according to Breitbart. “When Biden came in, there was simply a freezing [of relations]. On my part, I didn’t change policies with him.”

It remains unclear how many nations will actually attend Biden’s Summit of the Americas in June, much less if anything more than photo-ops and empty talk transpire, to say nothing of hope for an eventual warming of relations between the leaders of two of the most important nations in the Western Hemisphere — the United States and Brazil.

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