Body of boy found in shallow grave was killed by MS-13, police say

The sweethearts of the Democrat party have just claimed another life.

A young boy was found dead in Long Island on Wednesday and police say he was the victim of MS-13.

No Doubt

Local Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder left no doubt who was behind the disturbing murder.

When asked, he simply stated, “It is MS-13.”

The boy’s body was found near Kellenberg Memorial High School.

Police estimate the body had been placed in the shallow grave more than a year ago.

This would place the boy’s murder at roughly the same time several other bodies were found in Long Island in April 2017.

The Truth

In reality, the members of the MS-13 gang are closer to the “animals” President Trump described than that disgusting documentary created by liberals.

People like Nancy Pelosi want everyone to think these gang members are ordinary people, but they are about as far from normal as one could be in today’s world.

The informal motto of the gang is “mata, roba, viola, controla,” which translates to “kill, steal, rape, and control.”

While the gang originated here in the United States, it has evolved over the years as a haven for undocumented immigrants, most of whom are from El Salvador.

Liberals are constantly making excuses to counter Trump’s narrative, and it makes them sound utterly ridiculous.

For instance, they say the administration got it wrong, as there is no “documentation” existing the gang operates under that motto.

It is not enough for liberals to hear these gang members say this regularly, as they want it in some type of employee handbook to legitimize it.

They also point to the “code” of MS-13 that raping someone within their community is looked upon negatively — but what about women outside of their community?

They are animals… period.

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“We will be relentless in the pursuit of going after these individuals that have committed crimes in Nassau County,” Ryder stated.

Our government should be taking the same attitude and rid our entire country of their presence.

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