Body language experts assess that Biden and Harris are not fond of each other

While the White House has repeatedly denied emerging reports that tensions are building between President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, the two leaders might have just unintentionally confirmed such speculation in a recent appearance together.

According to the Daily Mail, body language experts revealed that Biden and Harris both emitted obvious signals that they’re uncomfortable around one another, which is a marked change since earlier this year when the two seemed to vibe on the same level during their appearances. 

What happened?

The observations poured in after Biden and Harris made a joint appearance in the South Lawn to tout the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, an event that roughly 800 people were invited to attend.

UK body language expert Darren Stanton kept a close eye on the two as they spoke and interacted with one another, and had a long list of telltale signs that the relationship between the two appears to be tense and awkward at this point in time.

“Harris’s smile is forced and contrived,” Stanton noticed. “There are no crows feet at the side of her face, which show us whether or not the smile is genuine. In my opinion this smile is just purely for press and perception purposes.”

Judi James, who also happens to be a body language expert and an author, echoed Stanton’s assessment, pointing out one particular “awkward” moment in which the two displayed their dismay for one another.

“The pair look incredibly awkward walking locked together towards the press,” James explained. “There are no signs of reciprocal affection or empathy here to make the ritual look relaxed or natural.”

It gets worse

Apparently, Biden and Harris gave experts like James and Stanton plenty of material with which to observe, as they picked apart a number of moments shared by the two leaders that seemed to suggest they were both trying too hard to appear to like each other.

“This I call the typical cheese photograph it’s the kind of photograph that you pose for at a wedding or some other family event you don’t want to be at,” Stanton said of Harris’ seemingly forced smile in some of the photo ops the two had together.

“Biden is usually a very tactile man and he and Harris generally touch each other’s arms or shoulders [at moments like this], which is an example of a deep rapport. It seems as though Biden has almost been briefed not to do that,” Stanton said.

The expert added: “His level of physical contact has been reduced which would seem to signify a split in their level of rapport and original deep connection. Eleven months in office and cracks beginning to show between their unity?”

Given their combined assessments, it certainly appears as if Biden and Harris are on the outs, and such behavior raises questions about how long the two can fake it before someone is replaced.

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