Body found at home of NFL football player

Violence has once against taken over the headlines for an NFL player.

On Tuesday, authorities discovered a dead body in the home of New York Giants defensive back Janoris Jenkins.

Ties to Jenkins

According to reports, Jenkins himself has been in Florida for off-season training with the Giants.

The body of Roosevelt Rene, however, was found in Jenkins’ New Jersey home.

Jenkins is tied to Rene through his budding career as a rapper.

Rene produces under the name Trypps Beats and has been working with Jenkins on his rapping career, where he uses the moniker Rabbit.

Out of the Ordinary

According to neighbors, the area is extremely quiet, so this incident was obviously quite disturbing to them all.

Even more disturbing is the fact the police are investigating the death as a possible homicide due to strangulation or suffocation.

The body itself was discovered when a worker found the body in the basement of Jenkins home on Tuesday morning.

Local police stated this was in fact the first time they have ever been called to the home for any reason at all.

Bad News for the NFL

Regardless if Jenkins had anything to do with this death or not, it will not exactly shine a positive light on NFL players.

The league is already struggling with its public image after last year’s “kneeling” debacle, so adding murder to the list of problems will no doubt bring players images further into the mud.

Last season was one of the worst seasons in modern history in terms of TV ratings and public support.

The NFL actually mandated all players must now stand for the anthem to address the issue, but the damage appears to be done on that front.

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The Giants released a statement that the team was monitoring the situation for further developments.

Jenkins, in the meantime, was advised by his attorney to remain in Florida while this is being investigated.

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