Second body found in Florida eaten by gators

We have another problem in a southern state, but it has nothing to do with immigration.

A second body has been discovered in Florida that appears to be the victim of another gator attack.

Outbreak of Attacks

Floridians were horrified to learn of a body earlier this week that had been attacked by a gator. When the body of Jarvis Deliford was discovered on July 4, it started to create a wave of panic.

Deliford, who was only 16 years old, had been reported missing on June 29. On the morning of July 4, a fisherman saw two alligators fighting in the lake.

When the man was able to get a better look, he realized it was a human body and called officials. After the body was retrieved, authorities stated the body showed “alligator involvement.”

However, they would not officially rule the boy’s death as a result of the alligator attack until after an autopsy has been performed.

A spokesperson for the local police stated, “It would have to be a medical examiner determination to see if the gators came before or after. At this time, we can’t say it’s an alligator attack, but they were around the body and that made it more difficult getting to it.”

Authorities reportedly removed the two gators to examine their stomach contents for human remains. The family of Deliford is still skeptical as to how the boy died, as they do not believe he would have been around the lake since he cannot swim.

The First Attack

The discovery of the young boy happened only days after the death of Michael Ford had been reported.

Ford, who was 45 years old, was found floating in Polk County canal. He had been reported missing on June 23 and was found in the canal on June 27.

His death had initially been ruled a drowning pending the outcome of his autopsy.

Authorities, however, did capture and kill a large alligator with human remains in his stomach that were proven to be Ford’s hand and foot.

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