Bobbie Jean Carter dies at 41

 December 25, 2023

Bobbie Jean Carter, the sister of Backstreet Boys singers Aaron and Nick Carter, has died at the age of 41. 

TMZ reports that Carter died on Saturday, Dec. 23, 2023, in Florida.

The circumstances of Carter's passing, at the time of this writing, remain unclear. From her television appearances, it is known that she struggled with addiction and substance abuse, but it is unclear whether this played a role in her death.

Carter's passing has been confirmed by multiple sources, including multiple members of Carter's family.

"I am in shock"

Jane Carter, Bobbie Jean Carter's mother, provided a statement to TMZ on the passing of her daughter.

"I am in shock from learning of the sudden death of my daughter, Bobbie Jean; and I will need time to process the terrible reality of this happening for the third time.  When I am able to think clearly, I’ll release a fuller statement; but until then I would request to be left to grieve in private," Jane Carter said.

She added, "[H]owever deeply a parent feels the loss of a child, the suffering of a young child at the loss of a parent must be much greater. So, I would ask the sympathetic to say a prayer for my precious eight-year-old granddaughter Bella, who previously lost her father and is now also left without her mother."

"I love you BJ"

Angel Carter, Aaron Carter's twin, has posted a tribute to Bobbie Jean Carter via her Instagram profile.

Angel Carter wrote, "You had a great sense of humor and a lively spirit. Growing up, I was your baby, and you were my best friend. Life wasn’t fair to you, that I know. Sometimes, it feels like you didn’t have a shot, no matter what."

Angel Carter went on to suggest that Bobbie Jean Carter's childhood had something to do with her early passing.

Angel Carter wrote:

Experiencing innocence instead of being burdened by trauma, pain, and suffering is incredibly important for children, particularly at such a young age. I know why Leslie, Aaron, and now you ended up in the circumstances that you did. I share that pain we experienced during our childhood and I’m sorry you didn’t have an opportunity for a better life.

Leslie and Aaron previously passed away. Aaron Carter died a year ago from a drug-related drowning, while Leslie died in 2012 from an overdose.

Who was Bobbie Jean Carter?

The Daily Caller reports, "Bobby Jean was affectionately known as “BJ,” and at one point, spent much of her time behind the scenes in the music business, alongside her famous brothers. She was a wardrobe stylist and makeup artist for Nick and Aaron and was known to tour with them in the early 2000s . . ."

The outlet adds, "She appeared in eight episodes of the family’s E! reality television show, House of Carters, before slowly removing herself from the spotlight to live a more private lifestyle."

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