Trump lawyer Bobb dismissed "Biden clone" conspiracy theory because a clone would likely 'be someone competent'

March 23, 2023
Ben Marquis

There is a fringe conspiracy theory among some which posits that President Joe Biden, at least some of the time, is replaced in public appearances by a body double or clone, likely as a cover for his declining physical and mental health.

Christina Bobb, one of former President Donald Trump's attorneys, was asked about that theory this week but dismissed it as unbelievable since a double or clone for Biden would presumably be "competent" and an "improvement" over the real Biden, the Western Journal reported.

A Biden clone?

Bobb, who was previously an anchor for One America News, appeared Monday for an interview on a conspiratorial "QAnon"-related podcast known as "Up Front In The Prophetic" with host Francine Fosdick.

At one point in the conversation, Fosdick made reference to the conspiracy theory about a Biden body double or clone and prefaced her question to Bobb by saying her guest would "probably think I’m off the wall."

She then noted how it seemed "very weird" that Biden would sometimes "jumble all these words" together while at other times could speak clearly, and pointed out that there are comparative pictures online that show Biden with "different earlobes" or "different mouths and teeth."

Fosdick then asked, "Are we dealing with, like, clones here or whatever?" The response from Bobb to that question garnered the attention of far-left progressive watchdog group Media Matters, which then helped broadly expose the conversation which otherwise would have gone entirely unnoticed by the vast majority of Americans.

"I don’t personally buy it because ..."

According to Mediaite, in response to Fosdick's question about a possible body double or clone for President Biden, Bobb initially replied, "I don’t know," but acknowledged that she was aware of the conspiracy theory.

"You know, I’ve heard that, and I’ve just gotta say, if they picked a clone, they picked a really bad clone. Like, I would think you’d want an improvement ’cause it’s not hard to improve on what we’ve got," Bobb said.

She then added, "I don’t personally buy it because if I were going pick a lookalike, I’d pick someone competent, who’s capable of carrying on a conversation, but you know, I don’t know."

Fosdick, who laughed uproariously throughout Bobb's response, said with a chuckle, "That’s a good point."

An element of truth behind the conspiracy

The Biden body double or clone theory is among the more absurd of Biden-related conspiracies, but like all conspiracy theories, there is at least a kernel of an element of truth within it, as the Western Journal duly noted.

There are indeed numerous photos that appear to show Biden looking starkly different from his usual appearance, though those could conceivably be explained away by photoshop. There are also plenty of videos, including some that originated on the same day, in which Biden's appearance and manner of speech are markedly different, though that could be due to certain pharmaceuticals he is taking.

Regardless, the point Bobb made about Biden's incompetency and the presumption that pretty much anybody would be a more competent improvement over the president does have a ring of truth to it.

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