Bob Barker rushed to hospital for severe back pain

Bob Barker, the former longtime host of CBS daytime TV game show “The Price is Right,” received a visit at his Hollywood Hills home from paramedics on Monday.

First responders rushed to Barker’s home to transport him to the emergency room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after receiving a call that the popular former host had suffered a major flare-up of back pain that morning.

The news was first reported by TMZ, who obtained pictures of an alert and responsive Barker sitting up on a stretcher as he was loaded and unloaded from the ambulance.

Barker’s manager told TMZ that the family had determined that it was probably best to let professionals transport Barker to the emergency room rather than attempt to transport him in a personal vehicle themselves.

Severe back pain

In a brief interview with People magazine, the manager said of Barker, “He’s awake and alert. He’s resting and going through evaluations.”

“It was painful and difficult to get him in a private vehicle,” he explained of the call for an ambulance for transportation. “We decided it was easier and better for him.”

Though unconfirmed, it is likely that this incident with Barker is related to an incident nearly two weeks ago in which first responders had similarly been called to Barker’s home for a “non-emergency back problem.”

Related to previous “non-emergency” back injury?

Barker’s manager, Will Prappas, told Fox News at that time, “It’s true the LA fire department came out there, but it was a non-emergency back injury, a back problem.”

“He’s home, he’s resting, he’s comfortable. He’s OK,” Prappas said after the Oct. 10 incident.

“This is not an everyday occurrence. I wouldn’t necessarily call it an injury. It’s just a back problem. But he’s fine now,” the manager had added.
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Bob Barker, who is 94-years-old and hosted the fan favorite “Price is Right” game show for decades, has had his share of medical incidents in recent years prior to this issue with his back.

He suffered head injuries in a couple of nasty falls in 2015 and 2017.

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