Blue-state election violated the law and officials decide to ignore it

 December 28, 2023

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A new report reveals that one large county in Colorado failed to follow even basic state law regarding its elections, and then a Democrat state elections official effectively said not to worry, it wasn't a problem.

The details about the situation involving Jefferson County, which encompasses multiple large suburbs that makeup virtually all of the western part of the Denver metropolitan area, are revealed in a report in Complete Colorado.

It follows multiple reports of recent election fraud and failure, from studies showing potentially millions of mail-in ballots being submitted fraudulently to known undue influences and election interference in presidential races.

Complete Colorado said in its report it obtained emails that "show an acknowledgment by Jefferson County officials that the November election was held in violation of state statute."

Further, the report confirmed, "Colorado’s Secretary of State essentially telling them not to worry about it."

The report detailed that in November, Cynthia Rasor, the senior elections project coordinator for Jefferson County, informed local governments that had 2023 elections that Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder Amanda Gonzalez "had failed to properly notice the election — a very basic legal requirement for all elections."

Rasor blamed it on staff transitions.

"It came to our attention that our office failed to publish notice of this election in a general circulation newspaper within 20 days of the election," she said in the email. "My staff and I understand the importance of adhering to all statutory obligations and sincerely apologize for this error."

She said a new checklist would ensure "compliance" in the future.

The report noted, in fact, that state law demands that no later than 20 days before each election, election officials shall provide "notice by publication of the election" in a general circulation newspaper that includes the date of the election, the hours that polling locations and drop off locations will be open, the address of polling locations and the address of drop-off locations.

Gonzalez, a Democrat "rumored to be the candidate of choice" to replace current Secretary of State Jena Griswold in 2026, failed.

But, the report said, she apparently contacted Griswold, another Democrat, and "was told, in essence — no harm, no foul."

Complete Colorado noted that another email, from suburban Arvada officials to a council member, charged that, "Judd Choate, the Colorado State Election’s director, reviewed this matter and determined that Jeffco substantially complied with elections laws. Substantial compliance is the standard set forth in CRS sec. 1-1-103. Choate determined that no further corrective action was needed."

Rasor, in an email, also confirmed state elections officials "advised them all was good," the report said.

John Marriott, the Arvada council member who lost the race for mayor, said the clerk "should be ashamed of herself" and apologize, but it wouldn't matter, because if the election was invalidated, the Democrats on his council would simply appoint their candidate anyway.

Former Deputy Secretary of State Suzanne Taheri told the publication the key was whether the failure was "on purpose."

"They would probably find that it was just an oversight unless it could be proven that someone was intentionally trying to deceive everyone," she said.

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