Blue Apron stops advertising on Laura Ingram’s program

The assault against conservative beliefs was given more fuel this week.

After Laura Ingraham was critical David Hogg, the Parkland student that has become the voice of the anti-gun movement, Blue Apron cut its ties to Fox News and will no longer advertise on Ingraham’s show. 

Cutting Ties

Both Laura Ingraham and Fox were no doubt stunned by the announcement from Blue Apron.

Sadly, all this started over a simple criticism when David Hogg made a post on twitter whining about not getting into a college.

Hogg was upset because he had been turned down by four colleges and shared it with his online followers.

Ingraham said it was “totally predictable given acceptance rates.”

The only “negative” thing she actually said was when she called him out for whining about all over social media.

Liberal Spokesman

What happened at the Parkland high school was tragic, of that there is little debate.

Hogg, though, then turned into somewhat of a celebrity while being interviewed by news outlets for his anti-gun stance.

Liberals quickly made him both the voice and the face of the movement, which he emphatically embraced.

Hogg started to face backlash from conservatives shortly thereafter.

Several reports came out online and in the mainstream media he was in fact getting tips from liberal adults before he was going on air.

That notoriety immediately takes away the empathy the public had for the actual shooting and turns Hogg into a target for those that do not agree with his stance.

Targeted Attack

Now considered a public figure, Hogg needs to expect some backlash when he makes anti-gun posts and as Ingraham put it, when he “whines” openly about everyday life events, such as opening a declination letter from a university.

Rather than fight back, he chose to publish all companies that advertise with Fox News while Ingraham is on the air.

In turn, the advertisers bowed to the liberal ways and pulled their advertising from her show.

But that is today, patriots.

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Liberals rant and rage all they want with no repercussions.

A conservative, however, must keep their mouth shut or face the wrath.

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