Bloomberg, Sanders campaigns trade barbs over heart attack claims

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg made a splash Wednesday night in his first appearance on the Democrat presidential candidates’ debate stage.

Arguably the most interesting part of the evening was watching geriatric contenders Bloomberg and Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT) trade barbs about which of the two is in better health, as the Washington Free Beacon reported. The two candidates, who have a combined age of 156 years, are attacking each other over who will be first to suffer a heart attack.

Sanders, however, already had one in September, and the senator’s campaign team claims that Bloomberg has a similar health event in his past as well.

Old white men

The current front runner candidates for the Democratic Party nomination happen to be old white men, despite liberals constantly bemoaning the influence of that particular demographic group on virtually all aspects of society, including politics.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is 77 years old, while Bloomberg and Sanders are 78. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is 70 years of age, and Pete Buttigieg is a child by comparison at age 38.

Sanders previously pledged to release his full medical records but reneged on that promise Wednesday. Instead, Sanders attacked Bloomberg and leveled accusations that the former mayor’s own heart health status rendered him unfit to be president.

Bloomberg’s campaign hit back quickly at Sanders, with campaign manager Kevin Sheekey saying, “It’s completely false. The Bloomberg 2020 campaign released more information about his outstanding health soon after he entered the race. Here’s what we know about Sen. Sanders: In October 2019, he had a medical incident in Las Vegas. He didn’t tell the public for days and the full details have never been released.”

The defining arguments of the Democrat debates may very well boil down to health, as the old white men of the party continue to duke it out for the nomination.

Trump’s big week

President Trump is having a huge week as the frailties of his competitors become more and more apparent. Trump spent the week jabbing at Bloomberg’s ego by coining the nickname “Mini Mike.”

Trump would be happy to face off against any of those in the current field of Democrats, but he would particularly relish a battle with Bloomberg.

If last night’s palpable tension between Sanders and Bloomberg on the debate stage is any indication, things are only going to get more interesting from here.

President Trump deserves a chance to regroup in the wake of the disgraceful impeachment sham, and watching in amusement as Democrats tear into each other over who did and didn’t have a heart attack may be just what the doctor ordered.

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