Michael Bloomberg: Employers ought not prioritize the hiring of Americans

One key aspect of President Donald Trump’s tenure in office has been his focus on improving the lives of American citizens and workers through his efforts to strengthen the U.S. economy and to reduce illegal immigration — two strategies that have resulted in rising wages for American laborers.

If 2020 candidate and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg were to be elected president, however, that priority would fall by the wayside, as the candidate just made it clear he would prioritize the hiring of immigrants and foreign workers over Americans, Breitbart reported.

In essence, Bloomberg signaled his adherence to the notion of a global economy and labor market and dismissed the interests of American workers by suggesting that, under his administration, U.S. employers would be free, if not encouraged, to hire “the best” workers for whatever position they needed to fill from anywhere around the globe.

Amnesty for illegals, more foreign workers

Bloomberg’s dismissive remarks against the interests of American workers came during a brief interview over the weekend with a reporter from the San Diego Tribune during which he unsurprisingly took shots at President Trump and revealed his support for increased immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens as well as his opposition to a border wall and tougher border security.

On the topic of amnesty for illegal aliens, Bloomberg said it was a “no-brainer” decision and declared: “You give a pathway to citizenship to 11 million people. We’re not going to deport them anyways, it’s outrageous.

“I think two things are true,” he continued. “One, this country needs more immigrants and we should be out looking for immigrants.”

He went on: “For those who need an oboe player for a symphony, we want the best one. We need a striker for a soccer team, we want to get the best one. We want a farmworker, we want to get the best one. A computer programmer, we want to get the best one. So we should be out looking for more immigrants. And other countries are doing this and we’re not.”

The former mayor paid lip service to control of our nation’s borders before saying he would “ramp up our foreign aid” to other nationse  h,and reiterated his belief that “we need more immigrants.” He also dismissed a border wall as part of border security as he deemed it to be “impractical” and not aesthetically pleasing to him.

Prioritizing immigrants over Americans

Breitbart noted that Bloomberg did not describe in detail — nor did the reporter ask as a follow-up — what in his view constituted “the best” in terms of potential workers for U.S. employers and why he thought that “the best” employees would necessarily need to be imported as immigrants from foreign countries.

Consider for a moment the implications of what Bloomberg said about “the best” workers being immigrants and foreign labor, particularly in light of the fact that Bloomberg is a wealthy businessman and investor whose bottom-line rests with corporate profits and the value generated for shareholders.

What Bloomberg essentially said is that American workers are too expensive for U.S. companies to hire due to their demand for wages that are higher than the global average. He would address that “problem” by importing foreign workers and encouraging U.S. businesses to hire them in order to drive down average wages, forcing American workers to either accept the lower wages or go jobless.

That is pretty much the opposite of what President Trump has been trying to do since taking office. Hopefully, these remarks from Bloomberg will signal the end of his longshot campaign for the presidency and his plan to place American workers on the back burner in favor of foreign laborers and immigrants.

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